our terms

terms and conditions

The statutes and laws of The Christian Orthodox Football League
is based on the FIFA statutes and laws With the additional:

Any team player found using abusive actions and language such as,
swearing and threatening behaviour or racist words towards
match officials during the game, will be instantly dismissed from
the game and dealt with accordingly.

Any player found using racist or abusive lanquage such as
swearing or threatening behaviour towards a player of
the opposite team during match play, will be instantly
dismissed from the game and dealt with accordingly.

We are a Christian Orthodox Football League
and all participants should approach with a
clean heart and a pure mind, before, during
and after all games.

All teams must pay a subscription fee before the 31st of March
of each year prior to the start of the league season in September
of the same year.

A subscription payment will only be refunded if the paid team
unsubscribes before the begining of the league season.

All teams will have their subscription payments refunded
if the league tournament fails to take place in any season.

All team managers and players must be baptized or chrismated
orthodox christians of their national orthodox church or a
different national orthodox church.

If a player is greek but he was baptized or received into the christian
orthodox faith by the russian orthodox church then the player can
choose to play for the greek or russian orthodox team.

If a players mother is ethiopian and his father is greek then
the player can choose whether to play for the ethiopian
or the greek orthodox team.

The T.C.O.F.L. season starts in September and ends in
April of the following year.

At the end of the league season the team at the top of the league
will be presented with a trophy and prize money after the sunday
liturgy at one of their national churches or cathedrals in the U.K.

All teams must provide their own medicare at all games and provide
their own transport to and from all games.

All games will be played on grass pitches with changing rooms.

A team squad can consist of no more than 25 players.

All teams must have their players surname and number printed
on the back of their game shirt.

Only 4 substitutes can be used at any league game of which
1 must be a goalkeeper.

Names of all team players and substitutes must be submitted
to the referee before all games.

Teams can only make changes to their squad between 26th of
December and 2nd of January, and between 26th of August
and 2nd of September of any year.

All teams must submit individual squad photo's with the manager
and players along with names and national insurance numbers
of manager and players, by the 5th of January and the
5th of September of every year.

All team players and squad members must be of age 16
or over with full legal rights to be in the U.K.

T.C.O.F.L cannot/will not be held responsible for team/squad
members of illegal status in the U.K.
This is the responsibility of the team/club officials.